About Obsessed Agency®

Obsessed Agency® is an award-winning boutique creative studio based in Austin, Texas, specializing in graphic design, advertising campaigns, art direction, and branding. Founded in 2012, we’ve established ourselves as a powerhouse of creativity and strategic thinking in the heart of Texas.

Our passion lies in crafting high-quality design work and brand communications that elevate businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our expertise spans across various industries, including entertainment, global conferences, retail, technology, and real estate, where we’ve consistently delivered solutions that drive industry-leading performance.

At Obsessed Agency, we don’t just create designs; we amplify brands. It’s our mission, our purpose, and our OBSESSION.

Our award-winning team brings tens of thousands of hours of experience to every project, ensuring that each client receives not just expert production, but strategic direction that’s rooted in deep industry knowledge and creative innovation.

Clients choose us because they understand the value of partnering with a team that’s truly invested in their success.

We approach every project with a commitment to excellence, sparing no effort to help our clients win in their respective markets. Our perspectives are honed by years of experience, allowing us to offer insights that go beyond the surface level of design.

Meet Our Team!

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