Digital Food & Beverage Rebrand

Digital Food & Beverage is THE meeting place where 450+ digital marketing and eCommerce professionals from the most disruptive companies in food and beverage come together and benchmark to better serve their customers while growing their online business, faster.

Year2019ClientDigital Food & Beverage RebrandWork Brand Identity

The Goal

Create a comprehensive brand theme that we can incorporate throughout all aspects of the marketing campaign and onsite experience. This includes colors, fonts, visuals, and design elements.

The Brand

Modern, innovative, “cool, but business,” FUN, polished and mature (senior-level), fresh, wholesome, playful.

The Client Vision

Conceive two branding options/tones.

Option 1: Bright colors, the artsy, hand-drawn fonts, and chalk fruit, the design elements that accent the titles, etc. Like that it still has a modern feel to it even though it is hand-drawn

Option 2: Create food items in Keith Haring’s style (such as the burger, apple, and fish below). Fit them together in one image such as the people in the photo below.

The Mood Board

The Brand Colors

Preliminary Concepts

Typography Exploration

Brand Launch Across Platforms

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