Orchid Republic Retailer Rebrand

Orchid Republic offers fresh flower delivery, and corporate and residential floral services for clients across Los Angeles and Orange County area. Our team’s task was to rebrand Orchid Republic, including logo redesign, typography exploration, taglines, brand color, and product packaging. During the design process, we retained the company’s roots while giving them a fresh voice with new colors and feel. The final result is a luxurious yet contemporary design that is feminine and soft, with gentle, elegant curves that evoke a vintage, royal tone.

Year2018ClientOrchid Republic RebrandWork Brand Identity, Logo Design, PackagingTeam LeadJacqy Creative TeamVictoria, Jacqy

The Goal

Implement a strong visual brand that can be used at retail locations, advertising and delivery service.

The Brand

Feminine, soft, graceful, exclusive, modern, elegant, chic, royal, Parisian / French countryside/

The Client Vision


The Mood Board

The Brand Color Concept

Initial Logo Concepts

Brand Textures and Patterns

Slogan & Tagline Initial Concepts

A Bloom Above the Rest
A Bloom with a View
A Bloomtique
A Botanical Boutique
A Chic Bloomtique
A Floral Stylist
A Royal Floral Affair
A Full-Service Floral Boutique
A Full-Service Floral Stylist
A Full-Service Flower Boutique
A Full-Service Fresh Boutique
A Vaseful of Art
A Vaseful of Bloom
A Vaseful of Style
Arrangements. Perennials. Orchids.
Art in Bloom.
Artful Arrangements
Artful Arrangements for All Occasions
Artfully Presented Flowers and Orchids
Artfully Styled Flower and Premium Perennials
Artfully Styled Succulents, Florals and Orchids
Be Flowerful.
Beautiful Blooms & Botanicals
Beautiful Blooms & Decadently Designed Arrangements
Beautiful Bouquets & Botanical Gifts
Bloom Generation
Bloom Service
Blooming Arrangements
Blooming Bouquets & Botanicals
Blooming with Style
Blooms by Design
Blooms with Style
Botanical Artistry
Botanical Blossoms
Crown Floral Arrangements and More
Crown Jewel Blooms
Crown Jewel Blooms & Succulents
Crown Jewel Botanicals & Blooms
Crown Orchids, Perennials, Bouquets and More
Crown Succulents, Floral Arrangement and Orchids
Custom Floral Creations
Decadent Blooms and Arrangements
Decadently Designed Arrangements
Design Blooms Here.
Enchanted Blooms & Bouquets
Enchanted Orchids, Blooms and Bouquets
Expressions with Floristry
Festive Flowers and Botanical Gifts
Festive Florals and Botanicals
Festive Flowers and Premium Perennials
Festive Flowers and More!
Floral Delights
Floral Design Works
Florally Yours.
Floristry by Design

Flower Artistry
Flowerful Creations
Flowers of State
Flowers & Orchids
Flowers by Design
Flowers pronounced.
Flowers to Remember
Flowers with Style
Fresh Florals
Fresh Florals & Orchids
Fresh Florals, Orchids and More
Fresh Flowers and Exotic Orchids
Fresh Flowers and Opulent Orchids
Fresh Flowers. Artful Arrangements.
Freshly Appointed Florals
Full-Scale Bloom Service
Full-Service Floristry
Grand and Flowerful
Grand Floral Arrangements
Grand Flower Arrangements
House of Bloom
House of Botanicals
House of Opulent Orchids and Flowers
Land of the Bloom
Long Live the Bloom
Majestic Flowers & Orchids
Masters of Bloom
One of a Kind Arrangements
One of a Kind Flower Arrangements
Opulent Orchids & Botanical Gifts
Original Works of Blooms
Perfectly Posh Flowers & More
Perfectly Posh Perennials
Premium Perennials, Orchids and More
Premium Petals & Beautiful Blooms
Premium Petals & Perennials
Reimagining Floristry
Royal Arrangements
Royal Arrangements and Orchids
Royal Florals
Royal Florals & More
Royal Flowers and Orchids
State of Bloom
Royal Blooms and Botanicals
Stylish Stems & Floral Arrangements
Stylish Succulents, Festive Flowers and More
Succulents. Flowers. Gifts.
Succulents. Fresh Flowers. Gifts.
The Floral Authority.
The Fresh Floral Authority.
The Great and Flowerful
Works of Floral Art

Brand Launch Across Platforms

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