Discussing Obsessions, Discovering Passions and Realizing Purpose with OA’s Lead Illustrator, Lindsey Reeves

Countless brands are headed straight off a cliff and they don’t even know it. Why?
They’re missing a key element to their visuals and how they present themselves to the marketplace. Though it often goes unrealized; great design is about much more than creating visually captivating work.
It’s also about understanding the underlying meaning of your brand as well as your positioning.
It’s executing on your vision—to a standard so excellent—it’s impossible to misunderstand what you stand for.
So where do you get started in a space rife with confusion, competing opinions, and different design philosophies?  Taking a page from the world of venture capitalism; you look at the team driving the innovation. You review the design firm you’ve chosen to work with, as well as those working behind the scenes to drive their results.
That’s why we’re proud to share our Q&A with Obsessed Agency’s Lead Illustrator, Lindsey Reeves. If you haven’t interacted with her yet, Lindsey is a design powerhouse. Her appreciation of aesthetics and branding allows her to create exceptional work for our clients.
To help share Lindsey’s drive behind her impactful results, let’s dive into her Q&A.

When did you start illustration and when did you know it was your passion?

I have always been an artist, even when I was just a young kid. There are pictures of me doodling with Crayola washable markers on our old Jack Russell terrier, Maisey. But it wasn’t till I was a senior in high school that I took my craft seriously. I didn’t know it at the time, but design & illustration chose me. If it were not for those two passions, I would probably be doing something uncreative and boring with my life.

Lindsey Reeves’ illustration body of work.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Handcrafted, classic, and weird.

What’s your proudest design moment? Is there a project that still gives you the glory?

My proudest design moment would probably be getting to do what I love every day, which is creating! I love all of my projects dearly, there is no middle child syndrome happening here!

What are you currently obsessed with (in design)?

I am currently obsessed with symbolism in art, design, and history. It fuels my love for logo design and the history behind symbolic signs, mysterious symbols and hidden codes in illustrations and architecture from the turn of the century.

Your chosen providers drive your results; if you’re committed to excellence, your brand’s identity CANNOT be taken lightly.
When you choose a design firm with a track record for great work, you’re positioned for creating true impact in your marketplace.
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At Obsessed Agency we ARE OBSESSED with helping brands succeed in today’s fast-paced landscape.
Thanks for reading our Q&A with Lindsey, and for helping to bolster our commitment to serving you.