The “Urgency of Voting” campaign presented by ACLU Georgia was an opportunity for Obsessed Agency to utilize the power of design to promote civic participation during the crucial 2020 elections.

The challenge lay in creating bold and compelling visuals that would not only stand out amidst the clutter of daily mail but also communicate the magnitude of the election’s implications. We were tasked with conveying a sense of urgency and significance that would incite individuals to action, understanding that the stakes in this campaign were exceedingly high. We were given the daunting responsibility of inspiring voter engagement through our graphics while maintaining the gravitas of the political landscape. The scope of our task was to produce a two-month political campaign that would be circulated via mail, thus our visuals needed to be instantly captivating and effectively communicate the urgent call to action. Our objective was to create a resonant, impactful campaign that galvanized people to exercise their vote and underscored the profound importance of their individual voices in the electoral process.