The Trongone Band Brand Development & Identity Project

Rapidly gaining momentum with a sound that falls somewhere between southern Rock ‘n’ Soul and Americana Jam, The Trongone Band is turning heads and making an impact on the east coast music scene. Formed as a family and by brothers Andrew and Johnny with father John Sr.

ClientThe Trongone BandWork Brand Identity, Logo Design, Apparel DesignCreative TeamVictoria, Jacqy

Brand Development

For this brand identity project, we drafted preliminary logo designs using hand lettering. It was important to us to provide a handmade logo that represented the rock ‘n’ roll and raw grittiness of the band’s sound.

The apparel design was an integral part of the brand development process as it was a critical element in establishing the band’s image. Our designs included shirts, hats, stickers, record and DVD packaging, including retail, business cards, websites, social media, and packaging.

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