FLIX Candles Brand Identity and Packaging Design

FLIX Candles provides a large variety of candles created from the highest quality ingredients and designed to elevate home scenting into an experience. FLIX offers a collection of organic essential oil candles made using premium-grade soy-based candles. Organic ingredients, clean, fresh floral scents, and beautiful ombre candles are the components that make FLIX Candles the apparent choice for your home scenting needs.

Year2017ClientFLIX CandlesWork Brand Identity, Logo Design, Packaging

Brand Development

FLIX candles offer home goods products aimed at women between the age of 18-35. The FLIX Candles brand identifies as inclusive, friendly, handmade, organic, and feminine.

We approached FLIX Candles’ brand identity with a viewpoint that felt less corporate and more down-to-earth and friendly.

The Logo typeface has been carefully chosen for its long, handmade, and narrow form. The typeface is coupled with a soft, lively color palette that aims to make the product and brand feel inviting to women. We created the packaging to showcase their current floral collection by creating a visual floral collage.

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