Rock the Blocks LIVE Streaming Party UX/UI

Rock the Blocks unifies the community through unique events that promote up-and-coming artists and inspire the sharing of ideas, culture, and creativity. Since 2012 the festival has grown to be everyone’s favorite weekend. This year, the annual event, always held in April, was different. The COVID-19 pandemic obliterated the 2020 festival season. The music industry was one of the first to suffer severely from the COVID-19 pandemic – and it will probably be among the last to fully recover. With digitalization and COVID-19, live streaming events have accelerated.

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Solving the UX/UI Challlege

With the growing popularity of mobile phones, live streaming has grown in popularity. As a result, millions of users are submitting videos and participating in live events.

The objective was to simplify the approach for musicians and audience members who are not tech-savvy and accustomed to LIVE, in-person shows, and events.

Our team designed a user interface that took into account the desires, pain points, and understanding of why users want to have a meaningful live stream experience.

By combining the live stream and online interaction, the user experience extended the boundaries to create a new category making the overall experience more interactive, immersive, and engaging.

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