Infuse Tea & Coffee Brand Identity Project

From Source to Sip, Infuse Tea company specializes in sustainable, organic tea and coffee sourced from the finest organic leaves around the world. Each tea is meticulously sourced and naturally grown to ensure the highest quality possible.

Year2017ClientInfuse Tea CompanyWork Brand Identity, Logo Design, Packaging, IllustrationAbout ClientArt Direction, Design, Web Design

Brand Development

We crafted an earthy tone for the brand using tea smoke shapes and muted colors for the branding identity project. The muted use of a warm color palette leaves the logo open to interpretation, which makes it ideal for use across all products and all materials. This simplistic and graceful design conveys the integrity of the brand, making it easily identifiable and relatable.

Words associated with this brand include earthy, warm, friendly, natural, soft, organic, reliable, and inviting. Our client will use this brand for multiple uses, including retail, business cards, websites, social media, and packaging.

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